Elon Musk readies Starship for interplanetary trip





Elon Musk has had a change of mind about what he wants to call the spaceship the first SpaceX private moon passenger will travel in.

The SpaceX founder announced his decision to rename the BFR to Starship on Twitter late Monday.

In a later tweet, Musk explained that would be the name of the spaceship itself. The rocket booster that will help it ‘escape Earth’s deep gravity well’ will be called Super Heavy.

Many Musk fans asked for more details, but some wondered what prompted him to change the name of the spaceship while others disagreed with his choice of the new name.

The change in name may have been sparked by Musk’s ambitions for the spaceship, as he revealed to a user who disagreed with the new name:

One user observed it’s not the first time the spaceship has been given a new name.


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